Bảng giá quảng cáo Tạp chí Du lịch iAMHCMC



   Thông tin Tạp chí iAMHCMC

   - Khổ: A4

   - Ngôn ngữ: Tiếng Anh

   - Phát hành: 4 kỳ 1 năm vào đầu các quý trong năm

   - Số lượng phát hành: 7,000 bản/ 1kỳ

   - Độc giả: 30,000 người

   - Khu vực phát hành: Hồ Chí Minh

  •    Hotels, resorts, restaurants, bars and cafes, travel agents,
  • serviced apartment buildings, shops, spas...
  • (300+ premium distributors in Vietnam)

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The first of its kind in Vietnam, #iAMHCMC is a widely distributed print and online quarterly publication from the largest travel and living information provider in the country, City Pass Guide.
The #iAMHCMC gazette is a sleek, 52-page, fullcolour print publication. Each issue centres around Travel, Education, F &B, Leisure and other subjects that are geared to appeal to a targeted audience of English-speaking professionals.
The gazette is available both in print and online. Seven thousand copies are distributed quarterly to selected venues, managers and decision makers. The online edition reaches over 5,000+ subscribers as of Januaty 1st, 2019. It is also available on CityPassGuide.com in desktop, tablet, mobile formats and on issuu.com



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